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Why CarFinance Capital?

CarFinance Capital's credit program starts where most conventional prime banks stop, and continues through the deeper sub-prime category.

"CarFinance Capital has a unique approach: we don’t just fund, we also develop partnerships with dealerships to deliver ‘make-sense’ decisions with a consistency that ensures predictability, approvals that give wide flexibility in structuring transactions, and rapid funding. CarFinance Capital is a dealer’s trusted partner in reaching the large population of non-prime car buyers.”


  • Rapid funding
  • A predictive, common sense credit approach
  • Direct access to our experienced sales team who work directly with you
  • Deal-structuring flexibility to help auto dealers meet the needs of today’s non-prime car buyer.

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CarFinance Capital FAQ

Today’s Non-Prime Customer

CarFinance Capital helps dealer partners to finance customers in a large segment of the mid-market sub-prime spectrum.

Our finance programs deliver success with customers who:

  • Fall in the FICO range of 525 to 675, with average FICO of 590
  • Finance $20,000 on average
  • Have a median length of 3 years employment

Markets We Serve

CFC is authorized to transact business in 44 states and over 3100 franchise dealers.
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Executive Team

The company is led by a seasoned team of executives that have long histories working together in the non-prime auto market.

Jeff Butcher

Jeff Butcher, most recently Vice President and Controller at Santander Consumer USA, and formerly Chief Financial Officer of Triad Financial. Jeff’s finance experience includes 14 years of leadership roles in organizations specializing in auto finance, and 10 years in professional accounting with KPMG.

Dennis Morris

Dennis Morris, formerly Executive Vice President at Fireside bank, and Senior Vice President of Triad Financial. Dennis has an extensive 20 year auto financing background which includes executive roles with manufacturer captive finance companies, large banks, and finance companies.

John O'Dowd

John O’Dowd was previously Chief Credit Officer of Fireside Bank. John has been involved in banking and auto finance for over 20 years including Director of Credit Risk Management at Triad Financial, and Credit Risk Manager for a captive motor company.

Debra Glasser
General Counsel

Debra Glasser has been representing financial institutions for over 28 years, specializing in auto finance for over the past 13 years. Debra headed the legal department at Triad Financial, and rejoined our team after 6 years with a captive auto finance company.

Our direct lending site,, is our direct lending channel where we’re licensed to work with consumers in 46 states.

  • Customers arrive pre-approved
  • All stips cleared and loan agreements signed
  • No loan fees
  • Backend available
Dealer Contacts

CarFinance Capital enables consistent, predictable credit decisions, fast funding – and significantly more lending options, support and deal-structuring flexibility than is offered by traditional banks.

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